Casa Margarita's, located in downtown Creel, Chihuahua in the Northwestern state of Chihuahua in Mexico is your choice for quality hotels without having to pay "quality" prices.

 Casa Margarita's was the first hotel to offer breakfast and supper included with each room rental. Considering the already low price for room rentals, the addition of these two meals allows travelers to make better use of their expense account during their travels.

 All four Casa Margarita's Hotels are First Class Hotels, with the jewel of the four being the Hacienda Rio Batopilas.

 Besides the Hotel services we offer, we offer tours, horse and bicycle rentals, camping and many other services which will allow you to organize your visit to the Sierra, all in one place. And, as with the hotel prices, all other services are the lowest offered in Creel.

 We invite you to browse through our Web site so you can see for yourself what it is we are offering. We have no "hidden charges" or "surprises", we include our prices in this web site so that you will know what to expect when you e-mail us for reservations.

 Welcome to our Web site and feel free to continue.

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